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        2019-04-17 14:50  

        (1)   Junping Hu, Weikang Wu, Chengyong Zhong, Ning Liu, Chuying Ouyang, Hui Ying Yang, Shengyuan A. Yang. Three-dimensional Honeycomb Carbon: Junction Line Distortion and Novel Emergent Fermions. Carbon, 2019, 141: 417-426. (JCR1區,IF=7.082)

        (2)   Junping Hu, Chuying Ouyang, Shengyuan Yang, Hui Ying Yang. Germagraphene as Promising Anode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries Predicted from First-principles Calculations. Nanoscale Horiz, 2019, 4: 457-463. (JCR1區,IF=9.391)

        (3)   Ning Liu, Yu Liu, Junping Hu, Yuping He, Xiaohang Zhang, Qing Wan. pH-dependent plasticity regulation in proton/electron hybrid oxide-based synaptic transistors. Applied Surface Science, 2019, 481: 1412-1417.


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